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Endless possibility, with the musicianship to back it up.
— the new york times
Staggering and unique… Jazz’s new messiah
— the guardian
[Collier] represents a new way of considering musical geniuses
— Vice magazine
The way Jacob Collier sees harmonies is absolutely astonishing
— charlie puth
Jacob Collier is bringing jubilation back... he seems to have no creative limits
— npr
An absolute genius... I have never in my life seen a talent like this… Beyond category. One of my favourite young artists on the planet – absolutely mind-blowing
— quincy jones
Jacob Collier is blowing minds
— billboard
Hurts my brain & hugs my soul all at once
— tori kelly
He is, to me, one of a very, very small handful of truly great artists in the world today
— hans zimmer
Astounding!! ... Wow, Jacob!! Your stuff is amazing
— herbie hancock
The greatest musician alive
— ty dolla $ign
I hereby declare that Jacob Collier is a phenomenon
— Philip Pullman